Thursday, June 30, 2005

United they stand

Oh. Realised again that this will be a critical note. Well, I can blame only myself (and partly my friend Landon): I went to see a summer blockbuster.

War of the Worlds is the latest film from Steven Spielberg. If you´re gonna see the film, you should consider skipping this note. I am going to reveal something about the plot.

The film is loosely based on H.G. Wells´ novel on aliens invading our planet. To give the film some credit, Tom Cruise is easier to tolerate than his current girlfriend Katie "Bat Chick" Holmes. And yes, Spielberg knows what special effects mean.

But the end of the film. A voice of Morgan Freeman explains to us (after Cruise´s family has miraculously survived the alien attack) that the story teaches us that the world and humanity created by God is stronger than anything and we should protect our way of living at any cost. Hmm...Any resemblance to the rhetorics of a certain political leader? And this from a openly democrat director.

Instead of the film I recommend this (takes a bit of time to download, have patience).


Marija said...

Yeah, a friend of mine just made a comment about this movie on his blog and said that it was, by far, the worst movie he had seen this year. Think I'll have to pass it then. I'd rather stick to classics such as 2 weeks notice and similar. I'm too old for all the other sh*t anyway :)

PG said...

What would prohibit a Democrat-filmmaker from the USA to speak of his trust in God in his work? Has belief in God become an exclusive reservoir for Republicans? Odd.
No doubt the movie is crap as it is just a jazzed up remake of a 50-ies 'scary film'...

Tommi Laitio said...

Well. Actually my point was that much about God as it was about supporting war in Iraq. But, well: