Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Anti-lad statement

"Men's interest" (?) [Treo 600]
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I bought the British Esquire on Saturday. I was finishing it yesterday at the gym and got rather agitated. How crappy magazines are you able to make? Esquire mixes "let´s be modern and wear pink shirts" rhetorics with "all you need is a silent and pretty woman, your mates and a cold beer". Disgusting if you ask me.

Ok ok, I should have known not to buy it the moment I saw the cover girl:
Katie Holmes. I remember that we used to imitate her fake smile in Dawson´s Creek with a friend of mine on hangover Sundays.

A statement found from the July issue:
- men should liberate themselves and start living on the expense of a rich woman (they suggested a prostitute and made the superfunny joke about bringing work home..or a banker because she would be so busy that she would let you live your life, with her money)

They even managed to write an idolising but completely insignificant article on
Jonathan Safran Foer. I mean please, if a journalist does not make fun of a young novelist who prefers communicating with his girlfriend with walkie-talkies rather than mobile phones, is he really in the right profession? And don´t get me wrong, I like Safran Foer, even bought his book and I find it hilarious and witty.

Pff.. Esquire UK...waste of paper if you ask me. Should have bought the
US version or Details. Esquire UK seems to be directed to highly-educated sexist lads. Well, my level of anger could also have to do with the fact that I live on a street flooding with Loaded subscribers from the other side of the Channel.

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Well, you're not exactly part of the target market, now are you. :)