Saturday, July 02, 2005

Croissant rails

Hotel do Louvre
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I am travelling in an hour to Paris. Very few cities are mystified as the French capital. When characters in American tv series want to travel to Europe, it is always Paris. As in Sex and the City, Paris is portrayed as a city where people sit in cafes and drink their cafe au lait's. Or where young couples fall in love.

Well, we'll see. I have been there only twice in my life and it is only for the weekend. And I don't speak French which makes the trip much more interesting. Or challenging.

I am of course travelling by train. That is one of the wonders of living in Amsterdam: you can travel abroad easily by train. The Thalys to Paris is a deluxe train and I will be there in four hours. Superb. Travelling by train has this feeling of real moving opposite to flying. At least in my mind when you fly, you move from Point A to Point B in this tube. More startrekkish and unreal than trains where you see the Dutch landscape changing first to Belgian and then to French. So here we come, subsidised fields!

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