Thursday, June 09, 2005

The driver is missing

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The panic over the state of our continent (or to be more precise: its political union) is astonishing. I just read an article from the Daily Telegraph saying that Tony Blair thinks that Europe is not worth fighting for in its present condition. This is why Britain is turning its attention towards Africa.

It is difficult to object that the problems in Africa are far bigger and urgent than the ones of our welfare continent. Starvation is a bigger problem than anything we are or could be facing.

But it really is way to simplifying to present this as an either-or issue. I would even argue that taking care of Europe in a socially responsible manner serves also the needs of Africa.

The biggest problem of our continent at the moment is the lack of leadership. The right reaction now would be to sharpen up, take the people seriously, do a critical evaluation of the state of democracy in the Union and put more money, time and effort on the people.

I really resent the way some politicians are giving an impression like the people would have let them down. Or that other countries are indirectly blaming the Dutch and the French for destroying the European Dream. This an excellent wake-up call. This was a good way to remind our leaders who really are the owners of the system.

Although there will be a change of government in several EU member states soon, I really don´t see light in the end of that tunnel. The only solution I can think of now is a genuinely European movement for participatory democracy.

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