Monday, June 06, 2005

How to handle it?

Holocaust Memorial
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I went on Saturday to the recently opened Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. It is designed by Daniel Libeskind and it took ages and ages to get it ready. Most Berliners hated the plan when it was published. The Memorial is a set of concrete bricks of different height and you can walk between them.

I met a friend of mine Sören on the evening before and we discussed about the Memorial. He said that he is one of the people who hated the plan but after visiting it, was deeply moved.

I found it amazing. You walk between the bricks, you're alone but then again you see people in all different directions. You see people just for a second when the pass the from one brick to another. And the bricks create a beautiful set of shadows.

Some people have been shocked by the fact that young people play hide and seek there. I don't mind. If the site is visited by people, it has made its point. It is so big that it is hard to miss. And at times some people seem a bit pretentious when they put this "I UNDERSTAND THIS" look on their face.

I fully recommend visiting the site. I was really glad that I went there alone.

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