Saturday, June 25, 2005

Notions on my gender and happy news

Male Chauvinism 101
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This is what Saturdays should be all about. Spending time in cafes, drinking koffie verkeerd (Dutch cafe latte) and reading newspapers. I went around midday to my favourite newsstand Athenauem on Spui and bought the German Süddeutsche Zeitung and the Dutch NRC Handelsblad. When reading NRC I realised that I understand most of it. Amazing!

When sitting in the cafe I was reminded again why we still have to work for gender equality. Two notions:

1. Interpersonal relations: an unknown German chap in Wolvenstraat cafe/bar: He was there with his girlfriend. The girlfriend headed to the bar:
Chap:"Hey, xx (name), Ice Tea!"
GF:"Wie bitte?"
Chap:"ICE TEA!"
GF:"Sorry, Eis und..?"
I have been taught that bitte is a proper word to use in German when you ask for something. And the tone was everything else than caring and kind. Grrr..
It got worse. A friend of the chap arrived. Chap turned his back to the girlfriend and starting talking to HIS friend. When the girlfriend tried to participate, the chap turned to her, did not say a thing and turned back to his friend. The girlfriend started reading a magazine. Well, I guess the chap thought that his equality work was done by wearing a pink shirt...

2. Politics: NRC had a short article on Berlusconi's comments in the opening ceremonies of the European Food Safety Authority in Parma. Finland competed also for the Authority. Berlusconi said in his speech that he even had to use his playboy techniques/tender pleas when addressing the Finnish president (a woman). Finland reacted (rightly so) on the diplomatic level. According to NRC Berlusconi said that Finland lacked sense of humour. It is sad to witness once again that we have not reached a level in society development where comments like these would have their place only in our shared embarrassing history. These kind of incidents really put me off. What on earth is wrong with my gender? Is it really that difficult to treat women as equal at home and in politics?

p.s. Some happy news following this anger. I am going to be an uncle. I'm all excited and puzzled! As Rufus Wainwright puts it:"Oh what a world we live in."


Anonymous said...

Most men do seem to be condecending, patronising if not borderline misogynic when one has been raised in the Nordics. Not that there isn't still work to be done in up North as well, but the difference is huge.


Jaap said...

Hee Tommi, leuke blog. Je kunt de NRC lezen, zeg je? Mooi, dan typ ik dit gewoon in het Nederlands. Maar uh, ontopic: vrouwen vallen nu eenmaal op klootzakken.

PG said...

Je leest de NRC, hebt ScienceGuide bij je favorite media toegevoegd, zie je wel dat inburgeren vanzelf gaat?

Jaap said...

Hee PG, jij ook hier? Hoe gaat het met ScienceGuide?