Sunday, May 21, 2006

Telecommunication from yesterday

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"Lordi will win this wussy competition!...Lordi is the best!" (man, late'50s, Finland)
"This was worth living this far. I am so happy we are alive. Vodka!" (woman, late-20s, Finland)
"I am ashamed! I am sure they will drag some man from Lapland on stage and Marco B. will host it." (woman, early-30s, Finland, commenting on next year's ceremonies)
"Euphoria! National trauma has been overcome!" (man, mid.-20s, Finland)
"I have already fainted." (man, early 30s, Finland)
"Never been a democrat and proven 2 b right again." (man, late 20s, the Netherlands)
"Finnish popular culture goes Europe. Halleluja." (man, late 50s, the Netherlands)
"U need treatment... I always knew u Finns were a bit weird but this? Too much vodka in yr brains. And the worst thing is to see lobotomized Europe following u guys...It's a whole continent of zombies. Well, congratulations anyway, even though I would consider professional help ;)" (man, mid-30s, the Netherlands)
"Damn, it's your country. Almost forgot." (man, late 20s, the Netherlands)
"We had an afterparty until eight in the morning." (man, early 30s, Finland)


Anonymous said...

HARD ROCK HALLELUJAH!I had drink to that. I hope my headquarters have the money to arrange this Eurotrash-a-bang-gabba-gabba-hey-partee in Helsinki in 2007.

Sweden would surely help(like their promised to Estonia, when they were struggling with the economical issues of THE contest in Tallin.),but we wont let them. Carola should take a ferry if she wants to enjoy this spectacle live. Rock!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord! I am still in a state of shock. Also after witnessing quite a few naked people running down the street after the result was clear.

Mentally preparing to May 07. Gotta get a dashing new look by then!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy! Eurovision in Helsinki - preparties, cocktails and general fabulousness!

Yay for Lordi!

Anonymous said...