Wednesday, May 31, 2006

You don't want to be a criminal, do you?

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Bling..a box appears on my screen. "Working break." Two hours later the same happens again. Bling-beep at 17.30. "End of the day."

We have a new time management system on our computers at work. It is slightly annoying but I guess it is a good reminder in the end that you should stare at the screen 7,5 hours continuously. (Oops, already posted this when I noticed that the previous sentence is missing a crucial word. There should be a NOT between should and stare. Sort of a Freudian, is it?)

The best part of the programme is the tone of the messages. And I thought it was uniquely Nordic that The System is in control. My favourite box of this programme is. "You have been working now for two hours without a break. You are about to break the Dutch labour legislation." Talk about attitude.

Dutch words of the day:
- herinnering (reminder)
- het meest beslissende (the most decisive)
- communiceren (to communicate)
- veilig (safe, secure)

And I am still not sure how you spell the word "write" in Dutch....

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