Friday, May 05, 2006

iLife, therefore iAm

Apple in the street
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I have been a proud Apple owner for a few years now. I love my iPod and iBook. I get a sense of satisfaction when I take my white plastic laptop from my bag in a public place.

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, said once that Apple users talk about their computers in non-technological language. I can relate to that. I don't need to know the technical details. I am just happy that it works. And that it is cool and hip.

Well, the new Apple campaign is playing with this. Apple is represented in the ads by a cool, 20-something, relaxed guy whereas PC is a middle-aged man in a suit. The ads are nasty and funny. Have a look.

Amusing situation related to this happened this morning. I was showing the ads to a friend of mine from his PC. QuickTime (Apple programme) was not working properly, the sound quality was awful and in the end the browser crashed. Just like in the ads..

I had a discussion about the ads with two colleagues yesterday. The other (Mac user) said that they propagate having a Mac as a lifestyle issue. The other (PC user) did not find them that funny.

Steve Jobs, I remain in your party - now and forever.

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