Sunday, May 28, 2006

Confession of a killer

Well, it started as a decision a few years ago to stop eating red meat. Last year I saw a documentary on a poultry farm and decided to cut chicken out of my diet. I have been quite successful in that. Until yesterday.

I had dinner in a superb restaurant in Brussels called La Manufacture. Beautiful interior, top of the class service and remarkable food on decent prices. I started with the best prawns I have had in years. They were served with vanilla marinated tomatoes. Weird but nice.

I ordered a fillet of gilthead as main course. When the waiter brought the main courses, she put a plate with chicken in front of me. For a reason difficult to explain I did not react. I checked with my dinner date: no, this is definitely not gilthead.

Well, I outsourced my principles, hoped that this chicken had a happy life and enjoyed every bite. The chicken was moist and slightly crispy served with a rhubarb compote and a cake with olives. It was absolutely divine. And I was even happier when I saw the gilthead dish I ordered being served to the next table and it looked like the fish was slaughtered on top of mashed potatoes.

Very delightful act towards my principles.

p.s. My last column for Ellit was published. It is on where people should take photos and where not. I must admit that I feel a bit sad that it ends.

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