Friday, May 19, 2006

"Ik ga weg"

Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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It has been less than a week from the decision of the Minister of Integration to take away the Dutch citizenship of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. In the press conference she gave on that day Hirsi Ali explained her position and then stated that it has been difficult to work as an MP under heavy protection but it has not been impossible. She concluded by saying:"Ik ga weg." (I will go away)

I just glanced through the website of NRC Handelsblad. Hirsi Ali as an actor in this drama has disappeared completely. It is all about Rita Verdonk and Dutch politics now. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has even been replaced in the Dutch parliament.

Hirsi Ali is a fascinating figure. She is very difficult to situate on the political landscape. I do not doubt that this process has been overwhelmingly horrible for her but it also makes her a more prominent figure in the so-called Clash of Civilisations debate.

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