Friday, March 02, 2007

Clear / Unclear

Hirsi Ali
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I was today in Utrecht giving a presentation on theoneminutesjr to people doing youth media projects. Inspiring event as I realised once again how strong the Netherlands seems to be in this field. While sipping my coffee on the brake, a girl came to me:"Sorry but are you Tommi?" I answered positively but had no idea whatsoever who she was. She told me that she had been filming an event where I spoke some time back. She had been asked to do appr. one minute edits of all the speakers. She told me that I became sort of a celebrity within her group of friends as she was constantly complaining that I was switching subjects in the middle of the sentence. I know I have that habit. She did not mean the comment in a bad way - I guess the frankness was just an example of a Dutch way of telling things to your face. Respect.


Another person with an in your face tactique is Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She has now been away from the Netherlands for some time promoting her book in the US. Her interview was today in a Dutch free magazine called Ted. She stated with her old style:"I think people are now finally starting to understand that the problem is not a small group of terrorists but islam itself." Come on. Ayaan, where does that comment take us? I really don't feel that comments such as this are in any way constructive, helpful or brave. But I guess her sensationalism is over here in the Netherlands which makes it very wise to move to bigger markets.

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