Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ain't no Bergman, that's for sure

incredible minus one
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No news still on the elections front so I need to concentrate on other burning questions. Like films. Always a good subject.

I have never been too keen on animations. It's been quite tricky for me to understand the boom with all these films like Toy Story or Bug's Life. OK, I understand if you have a 10-year-old nephew and you want to go to the cinema together but for a Saturday evening with friends. I mean guys, aren't we slightly passed that age?

This pondering emerged on Saturday. All of us were still feeling a bit shaky from the party on the previous evening so we decided to occupy my friend's sofa, heat the leftovers and take it easy. The discussions on which film to watch took ages and we finally ended up watching The Incredibles. I was not too excited but hey, one has to make compromises sometimes. And they served the food so my negotiation position was somewhat weaker.

It is at times nice to prove yourself wrong. The Incredibles is one of the funniest films I have seen for years. It is witty, snappy, fast, heartwarming. uses a lot of references to other films, does not run solely on male heroes (so not a Scorcese film) and manages to be highly intelligent and incredibly silly at the same time. I like the sort of game where you try to spot all the references to Bond, Star Wars, Superman and so forth. And in a way if one digs slighly deeper, the film poses a good question on normality but in a tongue-in-the-cheek sort of way. I really recommend the film - for the ten-year-old nephew and for the sometimes too cynical aunt or uncle who has seen lately too many intimate drama films.

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Anonymous said...

Jeps, parhaimmat piirretyt tarjoavatkin viihdykettä sekä lapsille ja aikuisille. Lisäksi minua animaatioissa viehättää niiden visuaalisuus, taidokkaimmat ovat mitä upeamman näköisiä. Piirrostyylien ja animaatiotekniikoiden monimuotoisuus tekevät animaatiosta hyvin kiinnostavan elokuva-alalajin. Toivottavasti voitit ennakkoluulosi ja valitset toistekin animaatioelokuva.