Saturday, March 10, 2007

Magazines unpacked

Sunny day in Luxembourg. Someone is filming at the moment with a big camera, I hope for CNN at least.

This my first time in Luxembourg (The European Capital of Culture this year) although the event that I am attending is very much detached from its surrounding. Colophon2007 is a global symposium for magazines. So as I am sure you can gather, a gathering of übercool twenty-somethings. I am here to scout for magazines for my work, for a European workshop for indie magazines. I have already found some. My favourites so far are:

- Rojo: Spanish visual arts magazine completely without text. Run by fantastic Barcelonians. I know them from before so we basically just hang out like before. Now we are chilling on Fatboys in the lobby. I think March is asleep. They also made a permanent impact on me: their arts project left paint stains on my Acnes. But that is kinda cool and streetwise I gather.

- DIK: A Polish fagzine very similar to the famous BUTT magazine. Their last photocopied issue is on the gayscene of Ukraine. Kinda cool.

- Clark: A clever French street culture magazine. Not afraid to use colours which works for me. And not the dominant macho-laddish attitude at all.

- Jaffa: A Latvian arts and culture magazine. Very underground but ambitious.

Haven't seen a lot of Luxembourg. Somehow I am not sure if that is a problem. I guess not. What I have seen has a lot of similarities to Belgium. An Luxembourgish is a funny language which looks to me like a misspelled version of Dutch. Tonight there is some sort of electropop party or so.

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