Thursday, March 22, 2007

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Parliament Finland
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Elections in Finland last Sunday. Major shifts, excitement and disappointment. And then what? We are just expected to wait for weeks before they reveal the results? I call this torture.

I want to know more than that the Prime Minister wants a cabinet with 120/200 backing or that the Centre Party continues with the same chairperson of the parliamentary group. I mean who cares. Give me sensations, give me arguments, give me drama.

My boss asked me yesterday what I thought of the results of the elections. I think he was somewhat surprised when I said that I actually saw some positive light in all this. The major slap for the Social Democrats may actually mean that they realise their future challenges and come up with a real optimistic alternative for the future. I guess they realised that most people do not want to have someone telling them who they should NOT vote. One clear indication of a change starting is that the leftish branch of the Social Democrats took over the chairmanship of the parliamentary group.

And on the other hand a centre-right with a bit of green in it could actually mean fresh takes on climate change and more investment in higher education and culture. We shall see.

But still someone should tell me what happens behind the doors. Tell who does not like whom and what are the points of negotiation. Dear fellow journalists, I am not content with:"All parties have today signalled their willingness for joining the cabinet." Big news, bro.

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Anonymous said...

Good observations there, as usual. But Tommi please explain how a left turn will do anything good to the Social Democrats. Will that not take them down the same toilet the Leftist Alliance has already flushed? I mean come on, these people are so last century.