Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Time for real dutch food
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Went to dinner with a friend tonight. The menu of the café was rather meat-oriented so decided to go for stampot, traditional Dutch food.

Stampot is the thing in the picture on the left. It's sort of baby food fed to adults. Mashed potatoes and maybe other vegetables. Rather nice if you want food that goes down without thinking.

In this café they had pimped it with cashew nuts and cheese. Come on. Let's keep them basic and leave the fusion kitchen out of this. Only thing missing from this portion was rucola and balsamico which find their way on the plates of most "trendy" restaurants.

Good example of the changes in times. We were playing Alias (explain a word to your team) with the family during Christmas. I think it was my brother who said something like:"You have it in every fridge." His girlfriend shouted enthusiastically:"I know, I know. Pesto!"

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ice breaker said...

you forgot about lemmon grass and ginger! Must haves in modern kitchen