Friday, March 03, 2006

Say NO to crack!

Today matters somewhat more daunting. Let me share three short stories.

1. In a bar in Amsterdam on a Saturday evening. I was sitting in a table with a friend. It was crowded so a bunch of people were standing REALLY close to our table. Nothing wrong with that APART FROM the "trendy" jeans of one guy. He gave a completely new meaning to low waist. No underwear and a pair of jeans starting from the middle of his bum. Approximately 30 centimetres from my face.

2. In a wok restaurant in Amsterdam. I was eating my noodles with a friend. Two guys were sitting on barstools by the kitchen. The jeans of one of the guys were again, low waist, and the boxers were relatively loose. Directly in front of me, while I was eating.

3. In a bookstore in Amsterdam. A significantly overweight man sitting on the floor reading a book (which he had not paid for). He had leant forward which meant that 3/4 of his crack had lots of space to breathe. In my favourite bookstore, by the Politics section.

Modifying a bit Willy Wonka: Dear (wo)men of the world. I have today declared a war on visible cracks. Call me conservative or prude but a crack does not go well together with Asian food nor with social science literature. I rest my case.


Maria said...

You saved my day. Laughing alone at home, waaah-hah.Think I need some coffee to keep this mood and not the after-party-blues.


Elina said...

Me too, laughing out loud, by myself. :D Cracks and noodles sure don't mix.

Ville said...

Wahahahaa. I'm sorry for you.

But it seems that people in Amsterdam are unfashionable. Low waist is SO last season.