Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dutch superiority and sensitivity

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I fly a lot for my work. During the last 1,5 years or so I have preferred KLM (Royal Dutcn Airlines) cos they are reasonably priced, the service is OK and - most important - they are usually on schedule. Unlike SAS. And best of it all, they returned alcohol for their European flights lately.

Due to my loyalty, I got a letter from the airmiles programme, Flying Blue. The slogan: Distinguishes you from the others. Talk about attitude.

When you open the brochure you see a picture of a man passing line of people waiting. On another page he is walking up the stairs to the supposedly Mediterranean holiday house.

In both pictures the man is white and wearing a suit. In the first picture he passes a sensitive-looking guy in a sweater (the gay), a woman (of course a big cleavage, a short skirt and high heels), a black man, another woman (short skirt, high heels and a polo), and Asian business man and another woman.

My God. I wonder what was the gender and ethnic background of this AD and copywriter..It was true what they wrote in a lifestyle magazine lately: No more metrosexuality. Man is back.

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