Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Mojito Method

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First of all, the reading tip of the day: my last column in Ellit about the way Finns look at the Baltics. It was inspired by theoneminutesjr workshop in Latvia. The videos are online by the way.

And then, reckless life of the nearly-30s. I have been now on two Wednesdays in a row having cocktails. I must say, I love it. It reminds me of my holiday in Berlin some years back with all those cheap cocktails way too early in the afternoon. Or my sister´s wedding where the drink of the evening was mojito.

I think cocktails should be cheaper. Every day and every hour. On Wednesdays in this bar they cost five euros. Not bad, must say. And the mojito method works. Based on yesterday we came up with a great idea for the summer holiday (driving through Europe with friends) and felt absolutely fantastic while cycling to work this morning. I recommend this for everyone. Cocktails do you good.

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Maria said...

Hear hear!
I have been lecturing about the same issue through the years in Finland. Forget the cheap beer, it is sooo pre-Millenium and that is well, gone my darlings.

Maria Gin Tonica