Monday, March 20, 2006

Orient Expressions

Orient Expressions
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I must admit: I have never been very good with concerts. I don´t know how to behave in them. I usually end up somewhere between a rock police and minimal movement.

After my visit to Istanbul I have been listening a lot of Turkish modern music. I met people from the record label Double Moon in Istanbul and got a pile of CDs. One of the bands, Orient Expressions, performed yesterday here in Amsterdam in Paradiso.

Super. It reminded me a lot of the Finnish band RinneRadio but with a Turkish twist. I think I am going to start promoting Turkish modern pop (check for instance Replikas, Mercan Dede, Baba Zula). I have also started listening to Turkish kitschy pop (Hande Yener) at the gym (people in the clubs went totally wild when her hit Kelepce started - yes, people singing along and jumping up and down).

The film on the music scene of Istanbul,Fatih Akin´s Crossing the Bridge, will open in the cinemas of Amsterdam next week. The soundtrack of that film is great.

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