Thursday, March 23, 2006

Notions on gender

Britney Spears
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I do not know what is the motivation for this post. But, well, well-thought motivations often spoil the fun. So few things on gender from the last days:

1. Jon Stewart opening the Academy Awards: "Ladies, gentlemen...uh...Felicity."

2. Britney (see pic): she stares at me with wide eyes in the new Dolce & Gabbana ad every day I cycle to work. At least I think it is Britney. She is my mark for "2 more minutes and I get my morning coffee".

3. A foreign colleague (woman) complained a few days back about the lack of imagination or class that Dutch women express in the way they dress. Then she cycled to work on a windy morning with a huge scarf instead of a jacket and understood where the quest for practicality stems from.

4. Dutch men seem to have either a massive amount of hair or they lose it at a really early age.

5. On a recent flight between Copenhagen and Amsterdam I was the shortest man (by far) on the plane. And most of the men were blond. As a friend of mine said:"It's all that cheese and milk."

6. Moslim Madonna, Asian J-Lo (scroll down the page to De Moslim Madonna and watch Deeyah's video). Hmm.

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