Tuesday, January 10, 2006

There is nothing like it

Yes, another praise for the BBC. BBC Two showed yesterday three superb programmes in a row.

1. Up in Town: Drunk, stoned and blunt. That is how we remember Joanna Lumley as Patsy Stone in Absolutely Fabulous. After living for a year with the BBC, it has become clear that she is a highly regarded actor (conscious decision not to use the word actress) in British television. Up in Town is a series of ten monologues where she plays a former wife of an executive who speaks to the mirror while putting on her heavy make-up. You cannot move while watching. This is what they call charisma and presence.

2. Thick of It: Entertaining, yes. Clever, not really. BBC´s political satire of spin fails badly in being witty. Cynicism is such an easy way to go. I do not find it that clever that the most powerful person in the series is the Communications Advisor of the PM. Alastair Campbell is old news and an out-of-date joke.

3. Bigger Picture with Graham Norton: Hilarious stand-up comedian commenting the week with guests (this time for instance Rupert Everett) Humour as follows:"Talking about gay weddings...I WAS IN THE ELTON WEDDING! Well, the evening ended by my falling asleep in the corridor. The power of free alcohol is too much at times even for someone as rich as me. James Blunt played his ´You´re Beautiful´ hit and was trying to make eye-contact like...´you´re beautiful´...ooh, no...´you´re beautiful´...yuck...quite a challenge in Elton´s wedding."

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Anonymous said...

La Lumley is a national institution in the UK.

Look out for her most recent collaboration with the writer of 'Up In Town' - a 6x30min BBC2 series 'Sensitive Skin' - as The Times TV critic said 'there is such a thing as poetry on television'.