Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I google, therefore I am

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First lunch break of the year. Back in Amsterdam. Yesterday was a concrete reminder what is the difference in heating here in Central Europe and back in the North. In Finland you do not freeze to death inside - you go outside for that purpose.

I also tried Skype for the first time and to quote my good friend, Ronald McDonald:"I´m lovin´ it." There is a sense of intimacy which I am sure I will get addicted to. My Skype is kiplekkerFI.

But the funniest thing I experienced yesterday was Google Fight. I presume most people know it already (and therefore knew it before me) but still: so much fun to test what beats what and who beats whom (for those who don´t know, it counts hits)

A few examples:

Madonna 50,500,000 results vs Britney Spears 31,300,000 results

Finland 405,000,000 results vs Netherlands 559,000,000 results

blog 993,000,000 results vs newspaper 462,000,000 results

sports 1,510,000,000 results vs arts 1,430,000,000 results

pop 498,000,000 results vs rock 494,000,000 results

young 848,000,000 results vs old 1,450,000,000 results

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