Sunday, January 08, 2006


The Eurovision Song contest
Originally uploaded by Dwight Fry.
Sunday. Had a wedding of a good friend yesterday. The video on this site describes the humour that works for me today. It also explains why Finland never made it in the music world (best ranking in the Eurovision song contest ever is sixth or eigth). Some development has happened between this and Nightwish.

This song is relatively famous in Finland, although in Finnish.


Esa Suominen said...

Hi, Tommi! I wasn't aware that you also have a blog. Good to know, I'll start to follow. It sure was a great wedding yesterday, especially Ananas was amazing. Take care and let's get back to the paper workers next time. ;)

Tommi Laitio said...

Hey, Esa.

Nice to hear that I will have one well-informed reader more. Please do not hesitate to comment. I shall also follow yours.

On paper workers: sure. The whole question of labour unions is something that I would love to address.