Saturday, January 14, 2006

Oh, the good life

When I started this blog I made a decision that I would not go personal. Well, I am going to slip. So those who dislike the personalisation, emotionalisation and social porn of the modern society may want to consider skipping this entry.

I have had a Brilliant Life moment now for 36 hours. I have only been doing nice things. It is now one o'clock on Saturday afternoon. I just returned from the gym. I never ever make it to the gym like this, I mean early in the morning.

Sun is shining in Amsterdam for the second day in a row. While cycling back from the gym, I could not help smiling. And the funny thing is: people do smile back.

Yesterday I had my normal freelancer Friday. Or to be honest, it was a deluxe version. I sat 3,5 hours in the corner table of my favourite cafe (Villa Zeezicht) drinking coffee, eating a tuna sandwich and a piece of their famous apple pie, made one phone consultation to Finland and wrote an article for Suomen Kuvalehti. I also answered several emails from friends. Again, I was smiling and the people smiled back.

When I got home I first started watching the last Finnish presidential debate but after fifteen minutes realised that it was not what I wanted to do. I closed the stream and instead of heavy politics spent three hours watching the second part (meaning three episodes) of Mike Nichols' superb Angels in America. All the people in the series are imperfect and genuine. My favourites are clearly the prophet Prior and the loony Mormon wife Harper who travels to Antarctica through the fridge. Prior's monologue in heaven moves me every single time:"Bless me. I want more life. I can't help myself, I do. I want to go back."

I just realise that I spent the day basically alone. Well, if one does not count text messages with a friend of mine on the presidential elections and Angels in America.

I think a perfect life would be one like this where work meets pleasure in a smooth way. For me a perfect life is one where pop mixes with politics. I guess that's why I have Sugababes' catchy discopop hit Push The Button on repeat in my head.

Oh, my career as a columnist has started here, in Sonera's Ellit. Have a look.


Anastasia Kanarska said...


Maria said...

Tommi, I feel absolutely the same. And I looov personal things! I am going make my contribution for new president in Finland right ´bout now (funk soul brother).

Hah, Mariah

Jonna said...

Ain't it a fiiiiiine looking young man in Ellit! I also liked your signature.
Reminds me of Shaz (the journalist "who uses 'fuck' a lot") telling Bridget Jones to introduce people with unusual and interesting details.
Well, trying to do that, I just end up being insulting.

Tommi Laitio said...

Merci bon, Jonna. (I guess that was French.)

Well, to be honest, I would rather be like Shaz than the fiction characted I have seen my self resembling more and more often. I mean our dear friend, Doctor Niles Crane.

But I would actually like to be introduced with that sort of details rather than people telling what I do for a living.

krista said...

I love personalisation, emotionalisation and social porn of modern society! PS- The picture you show in this post is really awesome.