Sunday, August 28, 2005

Shiny happy nation

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I travelled during the weekend through southern Sweden on a train. I can not help it. The typical Finnish reaction: how can it be that these people look so happy and beautiful?

Swedes are a nation with a beautiful tan and white teeth. The difference when compared to Denmark is striking. If one looks out of the window, Sweden looks healthy and green, If one walks around in Copenhagen, Denmark is a country of sausages, pastries and smoking. I think that in Sweden it goes without saying that you can NOT smoke on a train.

Going back to the people. Yes, there has been clear improvement in Finnish men and women during the last few years but it does show that Swedes spend far more money and effort on their looks. Was it eight times more money on shoes?

And these villages look like they would be from postcards. I wonder if there is a place in Sweden that looks like Pieksämäki or Suonenjoki.

In a way it is quite comforting that Swedish cinema of the last ten years has shown that all is not well behind the beautiful facade (Om jag vänder mig om, Fucking Åmål etc.). I guess in the end the Swedes are people like the rest of us.

p.s. A funny piece of conversation from the conference I attended:
”So you live in Amsterdam?”
”Yes, that is correct.”
”Oh, you lucky bastard. But you’re Finnish?”

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Anonymous said...

Yes, eight times more. And boy is it apparent once you start looking.