Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Here we go again...

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I am fed up. The BBC website announced today that the British Journal of Psychology will publish later this year a study saying that men score on average five points more on IQ tests than women.

Right. Pff.... And the use of this information is what? One of the researchers, Dr Irwing, says that this could maybe explain why there are more male chessmasters, Fields metallists and Nobel prize winners. Come on. It does not even take a half an hour of gender studies to know that there might be quite a number of other reasons behind this unbalanced gender division. And it is amazing that someone that educated would make a statement like that indicating that these trophies would be a undisputed sign of intelligence. Please.

And to be honest: what if this would really be the case? What should we make out of this? To conclude that it is only natural to have men in leading positions? Or that of course more IQ points (on average) should mean more salary? I cannot stand this sort of studies that will then be used at least unconsciously for justifying the misrepresentation. It would be easy to say that it is not a problem of a scientist to worry about the use of their results but that would be just living in a isolated bubble.

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