Friday, August 26, 2005

German security

Greetings from Copenhagen. If I would be still living in Helsinki, I would complain a bit about the weather. But after living eight months in Amsterdam: Hey, a bit of rain never killed anyone, did it?

I was yesterday in Berlin. The city was filled with election campaign posters mostly with either Ms Merkel or Mr Schröder. I would say that the biggest competition was for the most boring slogan. Or what would you say of this by SPD: Those who want peace, must accept stability. Genuinely visionary leadership..

Well, security seems to be a big theme. And that is why it surprised me that the security procedures compleletely failed on Tegel yesterday. I checked in with a machine and by the time I was in the plane, no one had checked whether I had an ID and whether the name was the same as in the tickets. Amazing when at times at Schiphol you are asked to show your ID three times. Worrying, I would say.


Marija said...

Were you surprised that they didn't check your ID or that they didn't check you out? :D

Tommi Laitio said...

Both, both.