Thursday, November 10, 2005

Providers of distorted images

War on Terror
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A week ago I was having lunch with a friend of mine who is a media researcher. She said something that I have not dared to say out loud until now:"I don´t how much of this mass media bitching of the blogosphere I can handle."

I must say that I agree fully. This common (I am not saying overall) tone is something that at least makes it difficult for me to see blogs as yet an alternative for mass media. I find it truly irritating every time I read this general nagging about mass media lying to us. It often seems to me as if the people who complain that the mass media simplifies the blogs into raging activism, are guilty of same kind of simplifications. One can see a lot of this on the comment sections of the blogs by big newspapers.

When journalism is considered, it often seems to me like some bloggers see all mass media journalists as pure evil distorters. Or I am not sure how the logic works.

And to play my cards openly: yes, I regularly contribute to mass media publications. Quite a number of my friends are journalists working for big television stations or newspapers. And that is why I dare to state that I know what kind of shitty censorship one can face. I admit it happens. But I also see more and more often journalists who walk the extra mile for the truth or who feel a great responsibility for providing their audience with accurate analysis. Populist simplifications to both directions upset me.

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JANNIS said...

Hi Tommi! Here is Jannis, a Greek-German journalist with a strong interest in globalization, new media, new ideas and creativity.
I liked your remarks very much, I fully agree that blogs are not yet a serious alternative to mass media. But if I may just add a few words: "Content is King", as the Americans say. The blog is only the medium, not the message. And I can only hope that, with a proper content, also a Blog-Page could be of interest for...well, if not for an endless audience, certainly for our family and friends. But what kind of content is that ? Obviously not "hot news", besides, there's allready an established link to Google-News on our Blog-Page... What we need is probably turning the "weakness" of a blog-page into its "strength": easy content providing, easy distribution, acceptance of different languages, interactivity. And I believe that the best solution for now is starting a page beyond hot news and beyond simple chatting, offering comprehensive, but
easy-to-read analysis and concepts "behind the story". That's what you are doing with yourt page, that's also what I am doing with my blog
Perhaps you would like to have a look and post me some comments ?
By the way: I tried to read in detail the "newspapers comments about blogs in your page", but I was led to a Finnish text which unfortunately I don't understand. Is there any alternative in English or in other languages?

So far now, I would love to read your comments...