Friday, November 18, 2005

One Minutes

Claymation - Through a lens
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My last weekend was brilliant. We had the biggest event of the year, One Minutes Festival, here in Amsterdam. The ECF is responsible for the Junior category which means videos done by 12-20-year-old Europeans. The whole project is about giving a voice for youngsters. We invited the finalists from Serbia, Turkey, Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands and Moldova to enjoy a weekend in Amsterdam and take part in the gala on Sunday evening. I and they had a great time.

As part of the programme we organise yearly workshops across Europe where youngsters work with film students for five days to make their video of one minute. In 2005 we did a workshops for instance with Moroccan youth here in the Netherlands, with orphans in Istanbul and with youngsters in Moldova.

I am really proud of the project. Have a look at the One Minutes Jr site and especially the winners, Andreas Öhman (Sweden) and Ionela Costachi (Moldova). Would be great to hear comments and even ideas on where these films could be shown. In 2006 we are going to invest more on civil society partnerships.


Teea said...

I have a comment for the website OneMinutes. I was left looking for an introduction to the whole thing. Now, if you haven't already learned about the project before, the site leaves you wondering what is this about, who makes it and what for. This short explanation should be on the home page.

Now it seams like I wondered accidentally on some film club insider's web page. There are no directions about what I could/should do or see there.

Maybe I'm being too harsh (or maybe I just don't get it). But since I've already heard you go on about the project many times, maybe you should look into this.

Representing the ordinary people,
with love,

Tommi Laitio said...

Hey, sis.

Thanks for the comment. I think it was really useful and I passed it on. I had a look at the site from this point of view.

Please don´t hesitate to share the site and also the adult site ( By clicking exhibition there you get to the winners.