Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Who really likes fitness?

I have started going to the gym. Well, it is only the second week but it is progressing rather well. I mean I did it also in Helsinki but here it took me nearly three months to pack my sneakers into my backpack and sign up for a membership. Well, I am there.

Just one thing I have to confess: I find going to the gym a drag. Or to be more precise, ultimately boring. I don´t get it. Are there really people who do not get bored when swinging hands and feet to different directions in that cross-trainer thingie? I am bored, approximately after three minutes.

Well, as they sing on the soundtrack of Studio 54 on my iPod: I found a cure. Reading. I realised yesterday that I have to read and time just flies. Although I realised that reading The Economist or De Groene Amsterdammer is a bit like Bonfire of Vanities meets cultural elitism, it seems to be the only way I survive there. And to be honest, isn´t it rather practical that yesterday on the cross-trainer I learned new things about the doubts concerning using computers for mathematical proofs or about the marketing paradigms of future mobile technology. Could do worse.

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