Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Life is easier when you do not understand

LTQ Trap And Dynodes
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Beige Alert.
I am not a science person. I am one of those social scientists that are mocked by natural scientists. To give you a better picture, I do not understand the following things:

- how series of numbers could change into images?
- how boats float?
- how cars work?
- how is it possible that when I push F9 on my iBook, all the windows transform into a minimal size?
- how I can hear somebody´s voice on the phone?

Yes, to be very clear: I do not understand science. But I am rather happy with this ignorance. I enjoy the fact that there is still technology that amazes me. And I love the feeling of incapacity to understand several things. I have no idea what could be achieved so I have decided that everything must be possible.

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