Wednesday, August 08, 2007

This is what I call public service

The day has been spent packing. Tomorrow morning i am off to Texas and California for a holiday which I dare to say is well deserved. Even if Amsterdam is turning into a sunny city after all, I cannot wait to board Continental Airlines tomorrow. And how cool is this: I am flying to George Bush Intercontinental.

Gladly my American friend reminded me of checking my insurance policy. As we can see in the Presidential Debates, there is no such thing as universal health care - especially not for visitors like me.

Over lunch today I had a good chat with a friend of mine over public services. We were trying to compose a liberal political agenda consisting of compassion, certain universal services, empowerment of individuals and pure liberalism. The lunch was so inspiring that the debate will definitely continue.

The lunch date was good groundwork for the afternoon visit to the new main library of Amsterdam. One can only congratulate the City of Amsterdam for an excellent investment. Openbare Bibliotheek is a strong example what good public services are. It has a lot of chilling out areas, it has lots of light, it is free, it is multi-functional (classical books, huge DVD collection, café, study rooms, newspaper and magazine hall etc) and a beautiful location on the waterfront

I remember a Finnish MP who I value highly (Irina Krohn) said once cleverly that a public place is not one where you need money for a cafe latter. Openbare bibliotheek shows how to give your citizens genuine value for money.

Mr Mayor, today I am proud of being an Amsterdammer tax payer.

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