Monday, August 13, 2007

Texan is a state of mind

Let's see. What did I know of Texas last week? Lemme think. Oil. Dallas. Cowboys. John Wayne. Rodeo. Country music. Stetson. Did I mention oil? Home of Bush. Cattle. Republicans. Guns.

Two days in Texas. One full day to go. What is Texas now? Breath-taking scenery. Christian radio stations. Vineyards. Some of the kindest and generous people I have ever met. "So you're a yankee? But you can become a Texan by just saying so." Beer. Tubing down the Guadalupe river (see picture). "I am not sure if joining the United States was a good idea." More than 40 degrees Celsius. Rufus Wainwright sweating like a pig performing Judy Garland songs in drag outdoors in the music capital of Texas. Air-conditioning. Democrat history. BBQ. Fireflies. Gasoline 1,99 dollars per gallon. Female governors. Fried okra. Taco Cabana. Y'all and you guys. "You speak five languages. Dear if I would speak five languages, I would get so mixed up in my head that I could not get a word out." Pride. Fish tacos and margaritas. Big Bend. 2 days in a car to get across the state of Texas.

They say often that Americans know little of the others and simplify too much. Dear, it goes both ways.


Teea said...

"Dear". It's nice to hear that you've met nice people over there. Say hi to Bobby Ewing, if you meet him.

Tommi Laitio said...

Did not see Bobby but saw a lot of David Hasselhoff copies on the Laguna Beach today running around with the red thing that they had also in Baywatch.