Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lessons in America

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Trip to the land of the hopeful and the free is drawing towards its end. Some reflections on the discoveries on this fact-finding mission:

1. A soft drink in a restaurant should always include a refill. Best of all when your drink is replaced before you finish the last one.
2. The Economist was right: if you wish to understand America, you need to listen to country music.
3. Dependency on cars is not sustainable.
4. There are situations where awesome really is the right word - where British words like fab or brilliant just sound lame. I mean like when exiting Space Mountain in Disneyland.
5. The woman on the plane here who admired Mr Bush and his courage was right in one thing:"We are good and kind people we Americans."
6. I want to understand the United States. I find it inspiring how the American Dream is so strongly alive and the narrative keeps the beat up and going.
7. There is a point in air-conditioning.
8. Los Angeles region is fantastic. It has a beat that I have seldom experienced.
9. The Kennedy brothers are fantastic.
10. What's wrong with Starbucks?


Johanna said...

This happens each and every time you travel to USA. You become brainwashed by the people.
Because americans ARE kind, the american dream IS alive, the Kennedy brothers are FANTASTIC and there is NOTHING wrong with Strabucks...

Tommi Laitio said...

I so know that. Guilty as charged. And yes, especially Robert Kennedy was fantastic. More on him to follow.