Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shiny and new

It's been a domestic weekend. Last week we had a party at the house and we all realised - quite simultaneously - that we live in a dump. That together with my friend's comment "this garden is just such a waste", we declared to make the house nice over the weekend.

I must confess that I was quite ashamed by the mess we were living in. OK, we all have tough jobs and we come home usually very late but still. Sticky surfaces in the kitchen do not really invite to cook.

Yesterday it was garden day and today we cleaned the house inside. It was unbelievable how much shit the former tenants had left to the apartment. It seemed like they just walked out. I think i collected 20 broken clay buckets from the backyard. So the urban myth is true: the Dutch are quite big on pot.

The cleaning operation will be followed by making a deal with a cleaner who would come every second week. I think we will employ the nice Turkish man who cleans also our office. So for the first time I am really going to live how I have been preaching:"Why don't we just invest more on services and therefore make more time for ourselves?"

The house looks nice now. It is bright and spacious. On Friday we also bought a sofa, chairs, a TV and such. I expect more evenings at home. And more visitors - it has actually been a longer break now regarding guests. So people, you are welcome to visit Casa Hygienico.

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