Thursday, July 26, 2007

A few steps to go

A few days to go to the biggest deadline of my professional career so far. On Tuesday we will be handing in an application to the European Commission for a huge European youth project on user-generated content. If they decide to fund us, my plans are set for the following 1,5 years.

It has been quite a struggle putting it all together and we are not there yet but at the same time - and for the first time in my life - I have made plans even to 18 months from now. And above all, thousands of teenagers have chances to do fantastic things with video.

It has been quite scary to realise how good one gets over time in writing application language (no links to journalism) and how much time it takes to build up one of these applications. This would not have been possible without a few excellent and extremely competent colleagues and a network of committed organisations across Europe. So cool to be handling something quite tangible and something this big.

The deadline coincides with another turning point of my life, as in turning 30. But that crisis and interim evaluation will only be done next week. Before that I still have to jump to Stockholm for a meeting tomorrow and hang out with cool people at the Streetlab festival here in Amsterdam.

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