Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Elections are around the corner

Democrats are starting their anti-Bush machines. I assume we have only seen the first, still rather polite hints of Bush-bashing.

Although I think this song is one of the few clever political songs, the biggest challenge is not to find failings from the last two terms. The big challenge for the Democrats is to be able to be again a party that builds trust towards the future, not merely a bunch of elitish white people nagging. They need to go back to Bobby Kennedy and remember that good leadership means encouraging people to be better.

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Unknown said...

Well since there have not been any comments on your profile, I felt the urge to break the ice....
The video ´Coping with the world´ is still loading though, but interesting reads about your taste in food, your reads etc...Thanks for sharing, even not being part of the digi generation, I can appreciate it this sharing. Quoting one of my songs: Sharing is the foundation for a better world! Touch a soul and dare to believe, live a dream as I live yours and fill our cup of love, beyond all the stars above!" Yeah, i know I am a bit of a hippie inside. Ciao, Naomi