Saturday, May 12, 2007

This is how to do it

American Apparel Bag
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Lately this blog has been turning very serious and political. As a counteract, some heavyweight consumerism. I wish to share my ideal shopping experience of today. All store owners, take notes.

I enter the American Apparel store on Amsterdam's Westerstraat. The guy working in the store smiles and says hi. I glance around for 3 minutes before one of the salespersons comes to me (following translated into English):

"If you need any other sizes, just ask."
"Would you have this T-shirt in XS, what is this colour again in Dutch?"
"That's brown."
"No, this is not brown. Or is it?"
"Yeah, it is sort of graphic brown."
"Ok, well, I will try that then. Brown it is."

Once coming out of the booth, she comes to me again.
"Let me take the things you are not taking."
"Oh, thanks. Yep, even this XS was too big. Funny. I did not think I am that small."
"Well, maybe you wanna try the other model. This one is a smaller cut."

I collect my stuff and go to the counter.
"Hi. Did one of my colleagues help you with your stuff?"
"Yes, thanks."
"Who did? Him?"
"No, she did. The girl with the curls. Why, are you making a survey?"
"Sort of. So she can keep her job, eh?"
"Yep, I agree. So, I helped today someone to keep their job. That qualifies as the good deed of the day, right? This is my lucky Saturday."
"Most definitely."
"Hey, I will take this magazine as well."
"Yep, it is a nice one. Did you check the photo book with the Mexicans crossing the border? It's really good."
"I'll have a look. Yep, nice. But maybe next time. Hey, nice plastic bags you have."
"Yep, it won a design award and it is now in MOMA in New York."
"Cool, so I got a design artefact for free."
"True, good day, eh? Here you go and have a nice day."

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