Monday, May 14, 2007

Bizarre times we live

It's spring and bizarre things are happening. I am overswamped with work, many of my friends are driving (or are driven with) their relationships into a crisis and people seemed to have managed to wake their hormones from the winter. All and all emotions are IN again - in better and worse.

I worked this weekend both Friday and Saturday evenings. I can tell you that on the verge of thirty it has its price even if the occasions were quite special. Saturday's highlight was kissing a real princess. Or to be exact, she actually kissed me. My royal story made me the king of the evening at the Eurovision party following the official event.

Due to the prosecco in the Helsinki-driven party, my Sunday was one of the slower ones. The new CD of the Dutch singer Trijntje Oosterhuis suited the Sunday perfectly. Her perfectly sad voice and the underappreciated songs of Burt Bacharach really made my Sunday into a beutiful solitude.

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