Friday, February 23, 2007

The attraction of London

Breaking & Entering
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I was in London some weeks back for work. I cannot help it. Although the city is so dirty, overcrowded, smelly and totally out of proportion considering prizes, I still find it highly attractive. The more i visit London, the more I want to move there for some time. To make it there.

Although most of Londoners are doing socio-economically miserably, it is still one of the few places where all possibilities are within reach. And a city where the default option of a white man is really disappearing. I also find it wonderful how people stay alone in the same space, i.e. how everyone creates their own bubble in an overpacked underground cart. The modernism idea of my freedom ending only when it starts interfearing with the freedom of others.

My London addiction got another boost yesterday due to Anthony Minghella's new film Breaking and Entering. It tells a story of an architect Will (the talented Jude Law who gets only better as the years go by) who moves his office to the turmoil area of King's Cross. As someone breaks into the office twice, Will gets obsessed with catching the thieves and one night follows young Bosnian Miro home only to fall in love with Miro's mother Amira (Juliette Binoche).

The film is one of the rare pieces where dialogue is believable, where happy ending is only relative, where sadness is written on everyone's face and where the roughness of London is portrayed honestly. Juliette Binoche does an astonishing performance as an immigrant mother losing control of her son and willing to do all it takes to keep the young juvenile on the right tracks.

As I sit constantly in an office with three people from the Balkans, I paid a lot of attention to Binoche's accent. She has had a good coach. That mixture of warmth and clear articulation is exactly how a lot of them sound.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tommi,

Having found your blog only recently, I haven't had the time to browse through all of your posts but let's just say that based on the few I've read so far, I am impressed. I enjoy your blog immensily, your writing is captivating and the themes, phenomena and events you cover intriguing.

I, too, love London - weird as it is - and am actually moving there in September. It was a nice surprise to learn what the subject of your most recent post was and get your perspective on (and a very accurate description of) the London way of life.

Seems like I have to pay Tennispalatsi a visit and go check the movie out... :)

Tommi Laitio said...

Wow....seems that I still have some Finnish characteristics as this kind of flattering makes one blush.

Thanks. And yes, the film is worth looking at - unless one is in a personal relationship crisis.