Friday, January 26, 2007


Downtown Amman
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Second day in Amman, Jordan. I did not really know what to expect. I have never been in this region. We all raised our eyebrows when we saw the road signs near the airport, one saying Iraq and one saying Jerusalem. We really are in the Middle East.

The sun has been shining the entire day as we have been walking around the city with our cameras. I expect to come back with a tan - and a Jordanian scarf. The city has somewhat the same chaotic excitement that you experience in Istanbul.

The best things by now are food and the hospitality of the people. I am once again struck by the warmth that you see in people´s eyes when they insist that the foreigner takes food first, enters from the door first and gets a seat. Same thing that I love in Turkey: people are sincere and kind.

And the food. Humus, fresh salads, tasty olive oil, dried fruit and nuts, fruit juices, tabbouleh, pita bread, falafels. I do not want to go back to the pre-sliced and pre-packed Albert Heijn domain.


Anonymous said...

Hi ... by a complete coincedance i saw your blog ... I am Jordanian ... if you want to know or see amman ... ill be more than glad to help ....

Unknown said...

Hi from Oslo Tommi :)

Good to hear you are enjoying Jordan. It really enjoyed chatting to you in Oxford and look forward to seeing you again in London in June. Looked at the moodle site and came across your blog! Enjoy the rest of your stay :)

Elisabeth (Oslo)