Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lights out, the film is about to begin

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The Oscar nominations were published today. As I should be concentrating on the on-going presentation in this seminar, I will just run through them shortly. There are still a number of films to see but just based on the films I have seen it is easy to do the following remarks:
- Americans are very easy to shock. Nothing else explains the Best Picture nomination of the quasiprovocative Little Miss Sunshine.
- Dreamgirls is a must-see film. I have been listening already to the soundtrack for weeks. Comeback of good music.
- A scriptwriter friend of mine told me that it is wonderful to see a film like The Last King of Scotland - a film on Africa where the blacks are not only sidekicks to a Caucasian hero.
- Meryl Streep deserves the nomination although the Oscar ought to go for Helen Mirren for her stunning performance in The Queen - even before seeing Judi Dench in Notes on A Scandal.
- Winner of Best Documentary is a tough competition and I must say that I hope it is not An Inconvenient Truth. I would favour Jesus Camp.
- I think I need to go and see Babel. The Guardian's main critic Peter Bradshaw found it superficial, scattered and simplified whereas some of my friends have praised it.

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