Thursday, April 20, 2006

Reasons to like El Pres!dente

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After realising last week that I am totally out-of-date with pop music developments (I had never heard of the nr. 1 artist Juanes on Finnish record charts), I have now started activating my knowledge. Yesterday the project continued well by seeing El Pres!dente at the Paradiso.

I love them because:
1. I nearly met them (my friend and I came accidentally in from the back door and asked the band members to step aside so that we can go and see the band...)
2. Their music is sort of Scissor Sisters meets Aerosmith meets The Bee Gees.
3. They have two female hipster members in the band, incl. the drummer who looks like an Asian version of my friend Johanna in all her coolness.
4. They fit for parties, gym and cycling.
5. They totally woke me up today (thanks to 15 minutes of cycling, their new album and my precious iPod).
6. They are from Scotland so they have a superb accent.

Great! And Flickr never seems to fail - I found a pic of the album cover.


Anonymous said...

You made my day, sweety

Though, I hope I won't disappoint you in the wedding next week: I still haven't found the perfect dress. By the way, should our clothes match? (This sounds like we were getting married. We are not, aren't we?)

Johanna (in all her coolness)

Tommi Laitio said...

they did not tell you that it is OUR wedding? Damn...I knew we should have gone for the other wedding planner...

I also need to buy the perfect shirt. And we need to get the perfect gift. Whoa....that is a lot.