Wednesday, April 12, 2006


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Old test, repeated happiness. I have always had an obsession on tests on the Internet. It does not take much to make me spend even 20 minutes filling a useless test. Don't know what that tells about me. Too much I guess.

Well, I did the Finnish test on mental age again. I was so proud of my result: 17. Based on the statistics on the site 95 per cent of the 28-year-old people who have done the test have scored higher than me.

Great. This made me so happy. As I have tried to tell myself for a while already: it is not that serious. And this reminds me of a situation a few months back when three Estonian 15-year-olds guessed that I was 23. I guess my therapist (if I had one) would call this an age crisis of a nearly 30-year-old.

I have had the Mary J. Blige song No More Drama in my head for two weeks now. When it comes to the message of that song, my reaction is clear: as if.

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