Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I love my music

I was ill yesterday. And the day before. And still recovering. I am still at the office and it is almost seven in the evening. Could write about today but I will write my notes from yesterday down.

I spent yesterday in bed listening to music. I realised again how wonderful music I have on my iBook. Here are some of the real jewels among the 3.000 songs:

Carole King: Song of Long Ago. "Here is a lamp I left unlighted, aren´t you someone I should know." I adore Carole King. This song is top of the class because of the way her voice breaks in the ´laaa´.

Elton John: Rocketman "I think it´s gonna be a long long time til touchdown bring me round." Ultimate homesickness song of being alone in space.

Marvin Gaye: What´s Goin´On? "War is not the answer." Just the mood of pacifism and the feeling of being confused.

The Cardigans: Lead Me Into The Night. "I´ve been blinded by glitter and gold, my eyes need to rest from this light and sleep well at night." When things just are going too fast.

Stevie Wonder: Heaven Help Us All. "Lord here our call when we fall" Same reason why I like Pave Maijanen´s Pidä huolta. Nearly naïve concern.

Ana Belén: Los Cuatro Muleros. A poem of Lorca. Don´t understand a word but the lightness of the song is out of this world.

Lisa Ekdahl: Jag vill bara vara. Whispering and divine. The beautiful language called Swedish.

Rufus Wainwright: Dinner At Eight. "I´m going to break you down and see what you worth to me." I admire the way he opens his life to the listener.

Tori Amos (see pic): Crucify. "Nothing I do is good enough for you." Ultimate angst song.


Anonymous said...

No finnish music? Most people who move abroad start pining after the melancholy of northern "summer hits". Even perfectly respectable people have been known to utter kind words about Anssi Kela after spending 6 months on the continent. Personally, I need to hear 'Vittu kun vituttaa' and 'Rakkaus on ruma sana' every now and then just to be able to cope with all the smiling people. :)


Tommi Laitio said...

I have not entered that phase - at least not so extremely that I would listen to the hero of my childhood village, Mr. Kela. But I must admit that I ended buying more Finnish music while in Helsinki last weekend.
My favourite at the moment is clearly Kerkko Koskinen who is able to show what is the expressional range of our dear language. I know, I know, he does not write the lyrics. But you get my point. On his latest Lolita cd there are brilliant lyrics by Erpo Pakkala.
And on my last visit I bought PMMP. I love it. It's like Nylon Beat during the last year but with much more attitude.