Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Economist is my inhalator

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Peter Parkes.

I just realised something. I read a blog of a friend of mine and she was talking about New Orleans. She wrote that she "has been following New Orleans".

I know what happened there. It is tragic. But I live at the moment in a foreign country, with inadequate linguistic skills to follow Dutch media, without an Internet connection at home and without television. I have no idea what goes on in the world. Well, that is a slight exaggeration. But I see the world through the news bulletins of Helsingin Sanomat and - yes - through The Economist.

The Economist is one of the best magazines I know. I read it at the gym. The world neatly packaged in 100 pages with a slight flavour of extreme liberalism.

It is usually delivered on Saturdays and I read it through on Monday and Tuesday. So that means I am decades behind the online world. At work I rarely have the time to watch news from the web.

Hmm.. I need to sharpen up. My landlord has promised that I will get an Internet connection to my room this week. That means that in no time I am back in business. But I must admit, I still miss the possibility of reading a newspaper every single morning. I miss the paper more than I miss tv news. Call me oldfashioned, I don´t mind.

p.s. Excellent emotional opinion article by author Anne Rice, born and raised in New Orleans.

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peter said...

eeerrr... but hmmz...
can't you just BUY a newspaper every morning in the big city over there? i don't see the problem!