Monday, May 30, 2005

Where´s the catastrophy now?

Well, there is only one issue a person who works in a European organisation can write about today. I mean the NON of yesterday.

The Dutch will vote on Wednesday and they will probably reject the constitution as well.

I don´t really know what to think about this. I don´t feel disappointed. I don´t know how. I even feel a slight of guilt for handling this in a such cool and calm manner.

I would have of course voted yes because I feel that the constitution clarifies things. But then again, I have to admit: I have not read it. And for heaven´s sake, I graduated from Political Science. If a person who calls reading the biography of Blair leisure time does not even bother opening the booklet, who does?

I have taken the constitution as something of a technical matter. Of course it brings in some changes but then again, the best thing it does is compiling the various treaties into one document.

Politicians across Europe have been saying that it is a catastrophy if the people vote no. But I have not understood where the catastrophy is. And to be honest: I think there is a problem in a system that you have a referendum but say that there is only one right solution. Of course this causes a backlash.

If the constitution is not accepted and the European Union still keeps functioning more or less ok, how will they explain this then? On moments like these I truly feel that it was a good move to appoint a Commissioner who is responsible for the image of the Union.

Do accept my apologies if this sounds like besserwissering.

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Teea said...

Whew! I'm so relieved to hear that you haven't even read the constitution booklet. This morning I read the newspapers, and felt guilty for not bothering to read through the article about the big NON. Also I asked around (both my breakfast table and at work) if anybody knew what this proposed constitution actually states, and nobody could tell me. It strikes me strange to ask us "normal people" to decide just yes or no about an extremely complex legal document. It's like do you wanna sign this contract which you didn't read the fine print on? Isn't this a decision for the politician that I have carefully chosen to represent me?