Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Secret of my pictures

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I have had two questions lately about the pictures in my blog. An Austrian friend of mine said that she was impressed by the photos I have taken although she doesn´t always understand the connection to the text.

The latter is not really my problem but when it comes to the former, I have a confession to make: I did not take the photos. They are not my own.

All the photos are from Flickr which is a website where people upload their pictures and then you can use them on a Creative Commons basis. I find it absolutely remarkable and will start uploading pics when I finally buy a digital camera any day soon.

I was explaining this to a colleague of mine and he asked:"So why would someone let others use their photos?" Here we see a classic example of the differences in thinking. Things such as Creative Commons and Flickr are based on another way of thinking:"Why shouldn´t others have a chance to use my pics if they just tell they´re mine."

(Oh and by the way: In Dutch flicker is a faggot. The name of the website shocked a few of my colleagues)


Anonymous said...

me - the austrian friend - was just trying to google the site with the pictures you told me about. and there we go, you write in your blog about it! thank you! b

Tommi Laitio said...

Well, one good deed a day - that's what they taught me in the scouts. You're more than welcome.