Monday, March 02, 2009

This Is The World That We Live In

I understand that the intentions behind this disclaimer were noble and educational but something in it just feels bizarre. Like the notion that as a friend of a vlogger, I would need to inform them if I watch their vlog. And that vlogs are like secret diaries.

I disagree. When you publish something online, you theoretically and sometimes also in practice publish it also to your uncle and aunt and your neighbours. I mean the potential of them finding a piece which does not carry your real name is often very but that goes beside the point. The responsibility does belong to the one publishing, not the one watching. I have been surprised to hear that some people read this blog but now I keep it in mind. At least in my case this realisation has actually made it easier to talk about a number of issues also face-to-face and in public. Personal often is public and at least political.

(Thanks for the link for this video, M)


Anni said...

I also don't understand why would someone post their secret diary to YouTube. It just doesn't make sence. I'm totally with the end of the clip about being respectful, but the part about not watching your friends' vlogs if they don't want is quite unrealistic.

Tommi Laitio said...

It all follows this idea/aspiration that you could somehow cherrypick just the best things from openness but then get incredibly upset for the less nice factors.